About Me

My name is Patty Sims and I live in St Thomas, USVI - a beautiful island in the Carribean. This is a US territory. Mail delivery and phones work as if we were on the continent of the US. Mailing here does not cost more than mailing to your famiy in another state.

This is one of my quilts made from 25 t-shirts and a couple of pairs of flannel pants.

I've been sewing since I was a teenager - making clothes, draperies, and quilts. When I bought a new Bernina sewing machine, I decided to start a home-based business making quilts and other items from t-shirts.  I have made many quilts over the years and have learned how to incorporate different materials.  I can use your athletic jerseys, baby clothes, flannel PJ pants, ties, shawls, skirts, patches and anything that is memorable to you as a client. You are creating your quilt from your wonderful memories and I can promise you that you will be pleased with the result.

I would love to make something special for you.